Photo Booth Fun

 As part of our entertainment at prom, we had a free of charge photo booth filled with lots of funny props such as a blow up microphone, swords, police hats and many more so that we could get some funny photos with our friends as a memory of the night. I currently have my photos stuck up on my bedroom wall and the never fail to make me smile when I look over at them.

My Week In Photos | #4

This weeks 'My Week In Photos' primarily revolves around my prom day. The prom preparation over the week was really fun and the week itself was enjoyable and memorable. 

Selfie Movie day with Jess Practising prom makeup Heading out on a Costa date and to get my nails done My prom makeup! (I used many things but the main features were my Mac 43 lashes and Mac melon pigment)  My beautiful prom hair Posing for prom pictures  Prom photo booth fun (I will do a post later in the week with all my photo booth photos!) Yet another prom photo ;)

Prom 2015

Friday evening was an extremely exciting time as it was my end of school prom. After holding high expectations for the night, they were not let down as the evening flowed very smoothly and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the night. 

Apart from slightly disappointing food, the venue looked amazing. There was a photo booth filled with funny props, a professional photographer, a pick 'n' mix sweet stall as well as a DJ and dance floor overlooking Pride Park Stadium.

The night, for me and for many others I'm sure, was very special and one that I will never forget. It was a fantastic way to end my 5 years at school.

If anyone else has had a prom or ball I would love to read yours posts so please feel free to leave a link in the comment box below!

My Week In Photos | #3

I do realise that today is a day of two blog posts which is rather unusual for me however, I am determined to keep my weekly series of 'My Week In Photos' going.

So here it is, My Week In Photos #3! 

Partayyy Chilling on my friends shoulders  Prom shoe shopping (expect a huge post about prom soon!) A quote I found on Pinterest that I loved Silly selfies Lunch at WagamamasA photo I came across on my laptop of my 13th birthday party! Nicholas Nickleby was in the paper, 3 weeks until the show now! The most delicious milkshake before Phantom rehearsal 


Last weekend my Dad and I ventured on a little long weekend holiday to Barcelona. The days were packed full of sightseeing, sunbathing, eating and relaxing. 

I had been to 
Barcelona before but only at the age of 4 so I couldn't remember much about it. However, it turned out to be one of my absolute favourite places of all time. 

The weather, beach, buildings food and night life were all amazing and I definitely want to go back in the future with a group of friends as I enjoyed it so much and really need to experience more of it.

My Week In Photos | #2

This week's 'My Week In Photos' mainly consists of photos of my short holiday to Barcelona which I loved soooo much. I will do a blog post later in the week about it with more pictures and info as it really was an incredible holiday.

Palm trees and gorgeous weather in Barcelona Beach day Lunch overlooking Barcelona Before I was about to go out for the evening Fountain show Exploring Barcelona I started reading the book Divergent and so far am loving it Outside the Sagrada de Familie I finished reading Paper Towns however, didn't enjoy it as much as other John Green books

My Week In Photos | #1

As a part of trying to blog more often I thought I would do a series of weekly posts called 'My Week in Photos' showing a few snaps of things that had been going on that week or things that I had found interesting.

So here is My Week in Photos #1:

My dog on her new bed looking super cute I saw the new Pitch Perfect film which was hilarious Masquerade rehearsal for Phantom of the Opera in full swing New clothes for holiday My best friend came to stay for a couple of days Krispy Kreme stop whilst shopping in Birmingham I watched Phantom of the Opera for the billionth time and posted this accurate picture on my Instagram A drool- worthy dinner at Cafe Rouge I finished Orange is the New Black!! 

Netflix Addict

Rather recently it has come to my attention that my love for Netflix has escalated into a slight addiction.

I mean as soon as an episode finishes and the next one comes up, without even having to 
click on anything, you feel instantly obliged to carry on watching. 
I just love how you can sit down in the evening with a cup of tea and just switch on a series or pick a trashy chick flick or a cute disney film- anything that takes your fancy at the time.
It is fair to say that I have watched rather a lot of Netflix this past year and quite frankly I love it as I think the range of films and tv series is amazing for the price that it is.

A firm favourite of mine has to be Pretty Little Liars. I actually started watching this show about two years ago and instantly fell in love with it. So as soon as it came on Netflix I felt it only polite to be entirely re-watched. 
I love that they now come out on a weekly basis and I am absolutely hooked on it. The question is though- WHO TF IS A?!?!

Another favourite, which I am currently watching at the minute, is Orange is the New Black. I don't know what it is about this show but from the minute I started watching it I couldn't stop. I love that way that whilst seeing how the characters develop and learn whilst in the prison, you get to see a whole other part of their lives and journey's before ending up in prison. And can I just say.. RUBY ROSE IN SEASON 3!! I honestly think she is the most beautiful woman I have encountered in my life.

90210 will also forever hold a place in my heart. I have finished all four series on Netflix and want to continue to watch the other series if I can find them elsewhere. I love the whole Beverly Hills lifestyle within it and each of the characters have their own individual quirks which I love. I would say that Naomi is my favourite character as I find her hilarious and rather sassy.

Moving on to the fantasy genre, I love Once Upon a Time which, if you didn't know already, is a tv series based on lots of different fairy tales which all intertwine with one another to give a modern interpretation of the way all the stories fit together. I was instantly fixed on it from the minute I started watching it and just longed to know what would happen next. I have currently taken a break from it to watch Orange is the New Black season 3 but will be returning shortly!

I could go on about every single thing I had watched on Netflix and perhaps I will continue this ramble of my love for it in an upcoming post. However, I do want to give a quick mention to all of the chick flicks. I am a HUGE fan of chick flick/ rom-com movies and have watched a rather large proportion of the ones available on Netflix. My current favourites would have to be Drive Me Crazy, The Last Song, Chalet Girl, GBF and LOL.

If anyone has any recommendations for Netflix films or shows then I'd love for you to leave a comment below!
Also, as I am now on my summer holidays I will be posting a lot more so if anyone has any posts they want to see then also leave a comment below!

Leaving School!

Last week my final few days of secondary school came to a close after 5 years. We had a wonderful leavers day on the Thursday which consisted of shirt signing, lots of picture taking and a leavers assembly.

The day was one to remember and I am very excited for the next chapter of my life!

Here are a few snaps of the day.

Spring's Coming!

After being woken up by the glorious weather this morning I just had to step outside and take a few snaps of the garden. Spring and Summer are without a doubt my favourite times of the year and I don't hesitate to enjoy every minute of them. 
The brightened whether instantly lifts my mood and reminds me of the minuscule gap between now and the summer holidays.