Lip Care Addict: Yes's and No's

Dry lips? Check. Stacks of lip care products to try and sort them out? Check! In term of lip care products I am a total addict. My lips get dry all the time and I hate it. I have been through sooo many lip products to help and keep them silky smooth and healthy looking. I mean who likes the look of chapped lips? Definitely not me. 

Lip Care Yes's

1. Nivea Essential Care Chap Sticks - My number one lip balm of all time! Even after trying stacks of other lip balm products I find myself coming back to this one every time. It is easy to use as is in chap stick form. The formula is non sticky and extremely soothing on the lips and it moisturises your lips so well. It also lasts for a long time. With other lip balms I have found that the chapped-ness of my lips comes back about half an hour later of application yet this one can last for hours. And it's only £1.99! Definitely definitely recommend this!!

2. Lush Lip Scrub- I only tend to use this product occasionally as using it too much can be quite harsh on the lips. However, when I do it works wonders! As gross as it sounds, it exfoliates your lips and gets rid of all the dead skin cells. After using I apply a coat of regular lip balm or lipstick and my lips feel so soft. The scent is amazing too- I have the Christmas edition one which smells of Coca Cola.

3. Burt's Bees Lip Balm- Another chap stick lip balm (my favourite sort of lip balm) and another amazing product. Burt's Bees has been one of my favourites for a while now. Mainly because I really like the idea that the ingredients in it are natural- it makes me feel good for what I am putting on my lips. The formula is great and it gets rid of dry lips within
 minutes. I also really like the pomegranate one as it has a slight berry red tint to it.

Lip Care No's

1. EOS Lip Balms- I know many people rave about the EOS lip balms but in my opinion, even though they are a fairly nice product, if you are looking for something to heal your lips I wouldn't go for this. It feels soothing on your lips and gives them a nice gloss however they just don't make a difference to your lips. If anything they make them in worse condition than they were before you applied the balm. I do like this product but not as a product that would save my dry lips.

2. Carmex- 1 thing I like about Carmex is the cold, tingly feeling it gives to your lips as you apply it. Aside from that, I really don't like the product. I feel that it is makes your lips feel better for about 10 minutes after applying it but then makes them worse so that you'll have to keep applying it and then quickly run out and have to buy another one. Not worth the money at all in my opinion.

3. Maybelline Baby Lips- Want something to hide chapped lips? Well Baby Lips lip balms  just enhance them x1000. I was so disappointed by the Baby Lips as I heard so many good reviews about them. They do really not help your lips at all. I like the colour that they give and I love the smell but the actual formula really isn't the best. Again not good if you want a product to heal your lips.

I hope that this post has given some help if anyone is looking for good lip care products. If anyone has any other recommendations then please leave a comment and let me know! :)

The Liebster Award #2

So I know I have already done a Liebster Award post but it was quite a while ago and when I got nominated again the other day by Vanessa from evanessage I thought I would take the opportunity and write another post- liebster award #2.

So for anyone that doesn't already know (even though you probably do because I've seen so many of these floating round lately) the Liebster Award is basically a 'tag' post for new bloggers with some fun questions asked my the original nominator. 

What is your favourite time of year?
My favourite time of year would definitely have to be Summer. The sun puts me in a happy mood and I love going outside and getting tanned.

If you had an unlimited amount of money to spend in a week what would you do/buy with it?
I could think of so many different ways to answer this question but I would probably buy a white range rover and a stack of clothes, buy a mansion in a hot country by the sea, buy all my family houses, buy a private showing of a play at a West End theatre and then donate a sh*t load to charity!

What is your most worn item of clothing in your closet?
I want to say something different to last time but it is still my joni jeans from Topshop- however my black ones, not my blue ones. I just find that they are soooo comfy and you can look casual or dressed up with them and they are so easy to style with things.

What is your favourite song?
At the minute it would have to be 'Revolting Children' from Matilda the Musical.

What are your aspirations?
I would love to go into the acting profession when I am older.

What country would you like to visit?
I'm pretty sure I said this in my last Liebster Award post but I would love to go to LA because the weather, atmosphere and people all seem amazing.

What types of blogs do you follow mostly?
Beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

What was your favourite subject at school?
I am still currently at school and my favourite subject is probably English.

What makeup item can you not go without?
My Body Shop honey bronzer, that stuff is the bomb.

Are you part of any fandom/fanbase if so which one/ones?
I'm not actually part of any fandoms. I like things but I dont obsess over them (not that there's anything wrong with fandom's at all!) I do like watching lots of youtubers though and I love Harry Potter and musicals such as Wicked and Les Mis.

What inspires you?
People who have dreams and goals and who are determined to full fill them. People who are driven positively to achieve in life inspire me and remind me that anything's possible if you put your mind to it. If someone else can do it then why can't you?

I would like to nominate the following blogs to also do this tag:
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The questions I would like to ask are:
1. What is your go-to makeup look for everyday?
2. Most worn item in your closet?
3. Do you have a job and if so, what?
4. What made you first decide to create a blog?
5. What is your favourite brow product at the current time?
6. If you could go anywhere in the world for a year, where would it be?
7. Favourite food?
8. Favorite band/solo artist?
9. 3 makeup items you couldn't live without?
10. Favourite tv show?

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Youth Music Theatre's: Soul Music

Gosh, these past few months have literally flown by! I know I usually start of my blog posts by explaining why I have barely been posting and apologising but to be honest I have so much going on at the minute that I thought I would give blogging a rest for a while! But anywaaaay...

So basically a couple of months ago I auditioned for Youth Music Theatre UK. Youth Music Theatre is the UK's leading music theatre company for young people (aged 11-21). It provides highest quality training for young actors, singers and dancers. Back in 2013 my Mum came across YMT on the internet. As I am very into acting/arts I jumped at the chance to audition. However, I was a little too shy and timid and only made it on to the reserve list. I then decided to take the opportunity and go on one of the skills courses that YMT run every summer instead. I did it at Kingston Upon Thames where we produced a show called 'A Drug Called Love.' It was a great experience, I got to meet loads of new people and I worked a lot on my dancing which, at the time, needed a little bit of work.

I then went back to auditions in 2013 with more experience under my belt and got in! I got put onto a project in Kingston Upon Thames (ooh, deja vu?!) and got put in the cast of a show called 'Soul Music'. Soul Music is a novel by Terry Pratchett which has now been made into a musical for YMT. When I found out I had got in I was literally over the moon and so excited to be working with such professional people. It is being directed by Luke Sheppard who is assistant director of the West End show 'Matilda', choreographed by Cressida Care and musically directed by Craig Adams. 

So in half term I went off to Portsmouth for a casting audition- basically deciding the parts we got within the show. Everyone I met there was honestly so lovely and sooo talented. We were staying in a massive boarding school which had pianos like EVERYWHERE and literally every second people would break into song around the pianos which was awsome. I got the part of Bella who is a 'saxophone playing sensation'  which I am so excited for. Soul Music is quite hard to explain but definitely go and read the book!

We're all staying in university accommodation for 3 weeks and then have 6 shows at the Rose Theatre in Kingston at the end of it. So I genuinely can't wait to see everyone and have one of the best experiences of my life. I will put a link below to tickets for the show and I seriously recommend you come and see it because I know that it is going to be brilliant!!