Youth Music Theatre's: Soul Music

Gosh, these past few months have literally flown by! I know I usually start of my blog posts by explaining why I have barely been posting and apologising but to be honest I have so much going on at the minute that I thought I would give blogging a rest for a while! But anywaaaay...

So basically a couple of months ago I auditioned for Youth Music Theatre UK. Youth Music Theatre is the UK's leading music theatre company for young people (aged 11-21). It provides highest quality training for young actors, singers and dancers. Back in 2013 my Mum came across YMT on the internet. As I am very into acting/arts I jumped at the chance to audition. However, I was a little too shy and timid and only made it on to the reserve list. I then decided to take the opportunity and go on one of the skills courses that YMT run every summer instead. I did it at Kingston Upon Thames where we produced a show called 'A Drug Called Love.' It was a great experience, I got to meet loads of new people and I worked a lot on my dancing which, at the time, needed a little bit of work.

I then went back to auditions in 2013 with more experience under my belt and got in! I got put onto a project in Kingston Upon Thames (ooh, deja vu?!) and got put in the cast of a show called 'Soul Music'. Soul Music is a novel by Terry Pratchett which has now been made into a musical for YMT. When I found out I had got in I was literally over the moon and so excited to be working with such professional people. It is being directed by Luke Sheppard who is assistant director of the West End show 'Matilda', choreographed by Cressida Care and musically directed by Craig Adams. 

So in half term I went off to Portsmouth for a casting audition- basically deciding the parts we got within the show. Everyone I met there was honestly so lovely and sooo talented. We were staying in a massive boarding school which had pianos like EVERYWHERE and literally every second people would break into song around the pianos which was awsome. I got the part of Bella who is a 'saxophone playing sensation'  which I am so excited for. Soul Music is quite hard to explain but definitely go and read the book!

We're all staying in university accommodation for 3 weeks and then have 6 shows at the Rose Theatre in Kingston at the end of it. So I genuinely can't wait to see everyone and have one of the best experiences of my life. I will put a link below to tickets for the show and I seriously recommend you come and see it because I know that it is going to be brilliant!!