Paris: Hothouse On Tour

My summer has planned out to be quite a hectic one: one that involves a lot of travelling, not much sleep and some amazing experiences. This week I went on tour with the band I'm in (Saxophonix- Hot House) to Paris.

On Monday we set off early and had a whole day of travelling in a mini bus and ferry which was really rather tiring! 

Tuesday's weather really wasn't the best as it was cloudy/rainy and my friend and I had only packed for sunny weather so we ended up being slightly chilly! However it did not ruin our day as we went up the Eiffel Tower and looked down on Paris which was beautiful! We also played a gig at Notre Dame which was really good and attracted a lot of people. In the evening we had an amazing time on the 'Paris at Night' segway tour which was so much fun. I've done segwaying before and enjoyed it even more than the first time! We then ordered some pizzas and went back to the hotel for a well deserved nights rest.

Wednesday's weather turned out to be much much better than Tuesday's which meant that the summer clothes we had packed weren't wasted after all! In the afternoon we went on a river boat tour of Paris which was really cool and then after some lunch (A NUTELLA CREPE *YUM!*) we went and played a gig at Parc Montsouris. Then later in the evening we went out for dinner at Montmartre which was very overpriced but it was overall a really good evening. We even got a caricature drawing done of all the members in the band! 

Thursday morning consisted of a gig at Jardins Du Luxembourg and it was, without a doubt, my favourite gig I have ever done with Saxophonix. We were in a massive band stand that had amazing acoustics, the audience was huge, we all played really well, the weather was gorgeous and it just had the best atmosphere and reminded me of how much I love and enjoy music.
Then on the Thursday afternoon we said goodbye to Paris and hello to 10 hours on a mini bus.

Paris was such a good experience and I can't wait to go again next year! 

If anyone has ever been to Paris then what are you favourite parts?