London: The Book of Mormon

This year, for my main birthday present, I was handed two fabulous tickets to watch The Book of Mormon in the West End. As my Dad's birthday is infact on the same day as mine I gave the other ticket to him. We spent a lovely day (Dad, Mum and I) wandering round Convent Garden and soaking up all the Christmas atmosphere. We then enjoyed a delicious lunch at Cafe Rough- a personal favourite of mine.

After lunch we went along to the matinee performance of The Book of Mormon and, can I just say... OH MY GOLLY GOSH! The show was absolute genius. I had been familiar with the songs before as I went through a phase of constantly listening to the original cast recording EVERYDAY on the bus (that says a lot about me). But seeing the songs performed live was a whole new experience. A. J Holmes played the simple souled self of Elder Cunningham and, can I just say, is a comedy genius. His acting skills, along with the rest of the cast were absolutely superb and The Book of Mormon has definitely slid its way into my top three favourite musicals of all time. I really hope to see it again in the future and recommend it to anyone (16 and over) as it is hilarious, emotional and just a very fun show to watch! I honestly never wanted it to end.