My Tips For Revision

After a long and tough day packed full of revision I thought I would share some ways of revision that I find effective and little tips and tricks than can not only help you to remember more but to also keep you feeling on top of your work and slightly less stressed out. Don't get me wrong- stress can be a good motivator however too much stress is never a good thing.

1. Plan-  Planning and lists will be your best friends from now on. Having structure to your day will make sure you get enough done and keep your revision on track. Planning the subject you revise, then the topic and then how long for is my method to planning a day of revision. For example, as you can see on my timetable, I planned to do R.S (subject), matters of life (topic) between 1.30 and 2.10 (time).

2. Breaks- Make sure to take frequent breaks between revision sessions. I usually revise for about 40 minutes and then take a 10 minute break. In this time I do stuff such as going to the toilet, making a cup of tea, checking my messages and social media etc. Having breaks are a good way of keeping focused and allowing your brain to take in the information it has just absorbed.

3. Mind maps-  This method may not apply to everyone however I find the use of mind maps very effective. They are a great way of condensing information so that you can stick it up on your bedroom wall and have a quick read through of it every so often in order to keep reminding yourself of key data. I also think it is waaay more fun than just writing out blocks of text from a textbook that probably won't stick in your memory anyway. 

4. Snacks- I don't think eating excessive amount of food whilst revising is the greatest idea in the world as you are usually sat down for long periods of time however I do think having something to nibble on can make revising slightly more bearable. I like having celery chunks or peanuts. 

5. Sticky notes- If you find a key piece of data that really doesn't want to stay in your brain or just something that you think needs reinforcing slightly more, write it down and stick it somewhere in the house. Trust me. Whenever I make a smoothie in the morning I read the little note next to my smoothie machine and now I can't forget it!

6. Motivation- Always keep your eye on the prize. Constantly remind yourself why you are doing this revision and what you want to achieve. Remember, if you want it badly enough you can achieve it. With the work you can achieve anything.

I'd love to know if anyone has any good revision tips they find work really well for them. Leave a comment below! 

Happy revising :)