Kent International Jamboree 2013

This past week I took a trip with some friends to the Kent International Jamboree. It was a huge camp for scouting and guiding groups from all over the world. There were over 6000 people and hundreds of activities, trips and parties almost every night. Most of the parties were held at the 14-18 club and were all themed. The themes consisted of a onsie/movie night where we watched Wreck It Raplh, a superhero night where I dressed up as cat woman, a bin bag party and a hawaiin beach night. They were all so much fun and I made lots of new friends and got really close with the friends I went with. 
On the first and last nights there was an opening and closing ceremony with massive raves at the main stage which were so so good however being right at the front got very hot and cramped!

Sadly I didn't take my camera. As I was camping, I thought it might have got stolen or broken. I regret this decision now as my friends took their cameras and they were absolutely fine and they got a lot of lovely pictures. So I stole their photos for myself (mwahahaha!)

I seriously had one of the best weeks of my life at KIJ. I am already missing everyone from it and the day to day atmosphere. 
I have to say the evenings definitely made the camp for me as we got to see all our new friends and go to some amazing parties all dressed up and have a laugh!